Enabling Smart Devices


Who We Are

HiSilicon is a leading global fabless semiconductors company. Founded in 1991 as Huawei's ASIC Design Center, HiSilicon became an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei in 2004. We provide trusted and cutting-edge semiconductor products and services for smart devices, which have helped build tomorrow's smart city, smart home, smart mobility solutions.

What We Do

Our portfolio covers a wide range of fields, including smart vision, smart IoT, smart media, smart mobility, display interactions, mobile SoCs, data centers, and optical transceivers.

Research & Innovation

HiSilicon has built 12 global offices and R&D centers, which are spread throughout China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Europe, and offers products and services in 100+ countries and regions around the world.

20+ years

Technological prowess


Countries & regions


Intellectual property chipsets



Enabling Smart Devices


Work with us on groundbreaking innovation.

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Contact Us

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